There are three software testing certifications.

  1. International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB/ISEB),
  2. Black Box Software Testing (BBST) series,
  3. Certified Agile Tester (CAT).


Most of the discussion within the beginning centers around the ISTQB foundation series. A lot of the community has some pretty strong opinions regarding why they took the foundation series within the initial place and the way it affected their work.

Experiences for the peoples leaned towards not liking the certification. there’s a general feeling that whereas some of the data from ISTQB. Is interesting, it’s obsolete at the best and doesn’t serve to urge a newcomer up-to-speed on software testing and terminology the maximum amount because it should.

BBST was usually discussed during a more favorable light, with some proposing that it was a lot of practical and interesting than ISTQB. With the examinations testing your thinking and practical skills instead of multiple alternative forms. One recommended that the course positively affected their testing approach and also the way they communicated about testing within their team.

CAT was mentioned as a book and exam that you may take. It seems that just one person had expertise with it, and the same that it was mostly an exam requiring someone to study the book.

From the discussion, there have been three reasons that stood out on why somebody would need or need to take a certification course:

  1. People felt they required some foundation software testing training information.
  2. Their employer purchased the course (either through a mandate/requirement, or voluntary).
  3. Many, especially in Europe, found it necessary to get software testing engineer job.
  4. There is a lot of websites which post a job like software testing job in USA, entry level software testing jobs and other IT related jobs.

The Expense of Software Testing Certifications:

Many people also mentioned the expense of ISTQB and BBST. One positive issue for BBST is that it’s cheaper than ISTQB certifications. BBST materials are freely available on the net, however, you are doing got to bear AST or Alstom if you’d wish to qualify for a certificate.

Others mentioned that they don’t think they must purchase certifications required by employers. It absolutely was noted that it appeared if employers were willing to purchase the certification, they were willing to invest within the professional development of their staff. It also showed the commitment of the worker to require the certification because of incontestable to the employer that they were willing to grow professionally.

Others mentioned that they saved up for some of the certifications or courses so they might extend their software testing training and information. Fast software Testing (RST) was mentioned as an example of a course individuals saved to attend.

A lot of negative leaning sentiments are that certifications are there to create cash and that they don’t significantly care about serving to the industry or the individual.

Industry Trends for Software Testing Certification

The industry overall, especially in Europe, is using certifications as how to vet candidates for positions. It had been mentioned that this was significantly true if you were trying to get QA software testing jobs through recruitment agents. Of us World Health Organization denote mentioned many times that employers were searching for package testing certifications on their CVs. It’s a practice that doesn’t appear to be terribly welcome within the community at large, however, it looks that certifications are the tool companies and recruiters are using to differentiate candidates.

One person announces their expertise around discussing not having a certification with potential employers. Their conclusion was the employer disregarded on a decent candidate with years of expertise because they were trying to find certification instead.

A few members recommended this trend was because of targeted marketing methods from the certification bodies, the World Health Organization aimed their advertising at higher management. It was planned that the marketing created uncorroborated claims about the worth of the certifications.

Software testing jobs

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