This is a technique, in which we remove problems while delivering products to our customer. Quality Assurance analyst job has the authority of accountable corporate citizenship, thereby dealing with best quality, security and health matters as our essential part in the industry. The business aim is to grow more rapidly and maintain its position as one of the best production service in the country. QA is here to maintain the products quality and make them one of their kind.

Quality Assurance Analyst:

Quality assurance analyst job is to measure the quality of the products in the company by applying multiple tests on them. When the product is in the line there is an officer who keeps an eye on every movement of the project from top to bottom. QA analyst job is a very risky job because if the product met some damages, the quality assurance analyst officer is responsible for that.

Quality Assurance Analyst Job Description:

When quality assurance analysts are hired in any firm, it should be entirely according to the proper quality assurance analyst job description, it should satisfy all the needs according to them. As mentioned before, Quality assurance analyst job is to check the quality of the product concisely. As the officer ranks upgrades in any firm, the quality assurance analyst salary also increases rapidly.

Phases of the Quality Assurance Analyst:

There are many phases/tests for the product to pass and get ready to enroll in the market, when the product prototype is ready, the steps are now ongoing towards other steps. Some of their basic steps are the following:

  • Identify the objective
  • Identify critical factors
  • The Identify the customers
  • Extent Results

Identify the object:

In this phase, the project is discuss with the team, and planning is started with all members of it. The planning phase is set according to the project and the goal is also set during this phase that what kind of this project is and what are their basic needs.  

Identify critical factors:

In this phase, all the critical problems have been detected and the whole team is on working to find out the solutions for the problems which are being formed again and again in the project. In this phase, all the issues have been resolved and the project is moved on to other levels.

Identify the customers:

In this phase, the project is being test by the customers who are involved in the testing to get feedback from them, that what is there thinking is, and what their views are. If the project is somehow related to the public. It is very important to get there feedback before launching the products in the market.

Extent Results:

This is the last phase of quality assurance analyst job, in this phase all the tests are compiled again from top to bottom, this whole phase is assembled manually by the team, and the tester which is use in this last phase is the manual quality assurance tester which checks all the test confirmation and approve the product to move further and state that it is ready to get join the market.